Ur Ancestors Incestors

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Ur Ancestors Incestors
The worst Ur comeback that exists in any universe. It is so powerful that every star in every galaxy in

every universe supernovas and there is nothing left. (This definition’s example contains the CORRECT hierarchy of Ur comebacks.)

James: Ur mom gay

Ryan: Ur dad lesbian

James: Ur sister a mister

Ryan: Ur brother a mother

James: Ur granny tranny

Ryan: Ur grandpap a trap

James: Ur family tree LGBT

Ryan: Ur ancestors incestors

*Everything is gone*
Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #2
ur ancestors incestors
Your whole life is lie and everything you know and love will disintegrate into nothingness . But, you keep going some how
Ty: ur mum gay

Zach: ur ancestors incestors

Ty: *Life is now over*
Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #3
ur ancestors incestors
“ur ancestors incestors” is a forgotten insult burried deep in time. It was first used in the 1900s when a young lad was searching for a comeback from the dreaded “ur granny tranny”. This insult is so dangerous that the government had to hide this insult. It breaks through the fabric of time and space itself, but as F.B.I. agents were shocked at Donald J. Trump’s loli porn collection they were careless and had accidentally exposed the insult in the form of a meme.
Josh: Jay, ur granny tranny.

Jay: Pathetic. ur ancestors incestors

*Jay made Josh cease to exist, the fabric of reality broke down, even if only for a moment.*
Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #4
ur ancestors incestors
This is the by far WORST insult that can ever be used. Nothing will ever be able to top this insult, as soon as it is said life as we know it will cease to exist.
Johnny- “ur mom gay”

Fred-“ur dad lesbian”

Johnny-“ur sister a mister”

Fred”ur bro homo”

Johnny-“ur granny tranny”

Fred-“That;s it, ur ancestors incestors”

The universe implodes as everything that exist is destroyed. All you can hear is the screams of every single person being tortured in hell as everything comes to an end with one final explosion.

Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #5
ur ancestors incestors
The only insult know to currently be worse than Ur mom gay, Ur dad lesbian and Ur granny tranny combined. If used be prepared for the conseqeunces.
Joe: Ur mom gay

Carl: Ur dad lebian

Joe: Ur granny tranny

Carl: Ur ancestors incestors

Whole universe and every timeline in existence blows up while Abraham Lincoln’s head explodes. Carl disintegrates on the spot.

Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #6
ur ancestors incestors
A more advance insult used by only the highest of intellectuals, drives from others such as ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, your granny tranny, your grandpap, your grandmam a trans am and your Ur family tree lgbt
Billy: hey simon ur family lgbt

Simon: fuck u Billy ur ancestors incestors

*Billy becomes the goop that was used in the fake krabby parties and is crapped out by Sadam Hussein*
Ur Ancestors Incestors: define #7
ur ancestors incestors
“the forbiden comeback” its even worse than Ur granny tranny, ur grandpa a trap and Ur family tree LGBT all at the same time, given to an ancient civilization to end wars between tribes and instantly desintegrate them but it was too powerfull so they had to seal it down in ancient ruins to keep it away from evil hands till this very day
billy: hey tom ur mom gay

tom: well, ur dad a lesbian

billy: huh, good one but ur granny tranny

tom: i dont want this be like this so UR GRANDPA TRAP

billy: you’re good but Ur family tree LGBT

tom: *fire comes out of he’s eyes looking at Billy* UR ANCESTORS INCESTORS!!!!!!!!

billy: instantly he desintegrates into nothingness and its not even woth limbo and wonders into pitch black abys where he melts for eternity
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