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Source: Public Service TV spot from Guinness featuring the animated Brewmasters.
1) Acronym for the message of above-referenced spot:

Use Common Sense And Always Know When You’ve Had Your Fill
2) General sign-off to your buds as they head out for the pub/club/party
3) Expression of disbelief, akin to WTF

1) Pretty self-explanatory

2) Guy 1: “I’m heading out for the club to get laid, drunk or both.

Guy 2: “Good luck, Dawg. UCSAAKWYHYF.”

3) Guy 1: “Dude… when I was out, I chatted up that ‘girl’ you were drunk-dancing with last week. ‘She’ asked for your number – and said thinking about your pants gave ‘her’ a boner!”


UCSAAKWYHYF: define #2
The term used to express an awkward moment or awkward setting.
DUDE OMG, i just walked in on my parents having sex. it was really UCSAAKWYHYF
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