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A member of a JROTC program in high school who, even after leaving the class, still conducts himself in JROTC-specific manners, i.e. squaring his corners, marching, keeping military bearing in other classes, getting in step with someone when walking down the hall. Usually wears JROTC T-shirts all the time, but not always a concrete give-away. ROTC Nazi is a pretty gray area term, sometimes being an insult, sometimes a mark of honor. It was intended as an insult, but some cadets take it pretty well, a few even labeling themselves as ROTC Nazis.
(A JROTC cadet marches by, keeping military bearing)

John Doe: God look at that kid, even when he leaves ROTC his mind is still there.

Jane Doe: Yeah, what a ROTC Nazi.

(In this case, used as an insult)

(A cadet accidently squares his corner)

Cadet: God, I’m such a ROTC Nazi!

(In this case, used as something positive, or tolerable)

ROTC Nazi: define #2
Term used for ROTC people.
Dam that ROTC nazi is really into this army thing.
ROTC Nazi: define #3
An awesome person who is a mock member of the United States Military, salutes all officers, understands marching commands, joins the drill team, the sailing team, the color guard team, and marches by accident.
EXAMPLE OF A ROTC NAZI: A person named John’s accomplishments: Sailing Team, Armed Exhibition Team, Master Chief McFarland Award (highest honor in unit), O-3 LT rank, Athletic Team, scholarship, outstanding cadet, outstanding personal appearance, etc ..THERE ARE A LOT OF OTHER AWARDST THAT I CANT REMEMBER BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE.
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