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n. a slave with no opinions of his own. someone you keep as part of your team just to have a bitch ass around. otherwise though, a REkiN is nothing more than a piece of crap. a REkiN commonly gets raped up the ass and will take it like a bitch. that’s why his boss(es) allow the REkiN to stick around because he makes for a good puppy dog or cheap whore.
You fucking REkiN, I’ll smack that smile off your face.

REkiN: Is there anything else I can do for you, boss?

Boss: Yea bitch…kneel!

RekiN: Yes sir.

Boss: I meant with your mouth open, because you’re gonna be deepthroating this, you pussy ass bitch.

Get out of my face you spineless pussy..freekin’ REkiN.

“Watchu keepin that pussy around for, man?”

“Chill dawg, he more of a show piece plus he my biatch.”

“Huh, but look at him man..he ain’t never contribute, wtf.”

“Nigga wouldn’t be sayin that shit if you knew the kind of cock that bitch sucks.”

“Nigga fo real?”

“Oh hell yea..I was gonna fire his ass yesterday, but he offered to suck my dick and look at him now, he’s golden.”

“Damn REkiN.”

Quit peepin’ while I’m tryin’ to bang this girl, you desperate masturbating loser. Fuckin bitch ass REkiN!

REkiN: define #2
n. skank ass ho. dirty biyatch. a slut who you can slap the shit out of. usually though this refers to a dude. very degrading term. most devastating when delivered in combination with “bitch”.
i’ll smack da taste out your mouff, rekin!

get the f&ck out ma face ya rekin…biyatch!

“where ma money at, rekin?”

“yo homedogg, i aint make ya none tonite. i wuz chillin on message boards, shootin da shit wiff da fems.”

“whachu say, gay bitch?”

“i say there aint no bread tonite, man.”

“f&ck you best get me ma money tonite fo’ you taste da back of ma hand…bitch rekin!”

REkiN: define #3
most of you are a bit off with this definition. i was around when this term first came about. yeah it means male bitch, but it refers to a dude on the internet who just does “LOL!” to everything like a retard. a rekin is like a LOLtard. he’s a bitch in that way – he just laughs at everything, even shit that’s not humorous just to kiss major ass. also a rekin thinks that dumb ass shit is funny, and he won’t even understand the actually funny shit because he’s just a retarded dumbass who does “LOL” and all “LOL” variations (lol, LMAO, ROFL, hehe, haha, hahahaha, ahaha) to everything.
“yo dude, it’s nice weather out.”


“hey what do you call a pig that does karate?…porkchop!”


“yeah homes, i got layed last night.”


“you mothafuckin bitch, what the hell do you keep LOLing for?”


“can i eat your boobies with a knife and fork? LOL!”

“wtf bitch, are you freekin retarded?”


“i’ll slap you, bitch shut up with your senseless comments.”


REkiN: define #4
The definition which you are momentarily about to read is unquestionably far superior to any others listed. As an accomplished contributor to, I feel it necessary to mention that I will be accepting job offers from Webster’s and Oxford after my performance here. Speaking of which, it should come as no surprise when for some reason, say a year from now, you’re perusing through the latest Webster’s, and you happen to come across the word rekin.

So let me just get to it and be absolutely clear, crystal and concise. A rekin is an internet monkey who engages in monkey web activities like the monkey ass bitch that he is in order to have long overdue monkey sex with any arbitrary ugly ass monkies that his monkey ass comes across. If you doubt the monkey analogy or choose to accept the donkey/camel metaphor, then you clearly do not grasp what a rekin is and are as big a jackass as a rekin himself. Note that jackass in this case is being used to describe a limited caliber and is not being used as an animal reference, for a rekin is undoubtedly just a monkey. In sum, a rekin is a monkey with no balls to do his business in any other venue other than the cyber world.

You’ve never heard of a rekin because you don’t surf the web. You’ve never witnessed some monkey ass do his sad flirting impression for some monkey sex.

REkiN: define #5
n. cross between a donkey and a camel. this is a new slang word that is used as an animal metaphor because of the traditional donkey and camel stereotypes. a donkey is lazy, does no work, and is probably one of the most useless animal species known to man. a camel, on the other hand, has qualities of being an unconditional bitch. in other words, the camel will allow people to ride on its back with minimal complaints (and minimal water feedings). if a donkey and a camel were to have a lovechild, a new species with a combination of the above named characteristics would be born – a lazy bitch. thus, metaphorically, rekin refers to just that – a lazy bitch. to be used when insulting a bitch like human being who is lazy and does nothing but sit around or loiter (or rather, linger).
No wonder my company is sinking – I have a bunch of rekins working for me.

This idiot wants to sit around and laugh all day. I wish the rekin would do something productive.

My wife does no work during sex; I have to do everthing. What a rekin!

Go make like you’re doing some productive work so you’re not perceived as a rekin.

REkiN: define #6
n. Term coined recently for its universal use in referring to an uncouth, uncultured, or oafish character. A REkiN does not usually connote a “born loser”, but rather a dim-witted riffraff who is a product of his environment or upbringing. As a result, a REkiN is perceived as a vagabond type figure who civilized society has marginalized and has little or no use for. A prototype REkiN will offer little substance, lack intelligible conversation, and for the most part will be worthless and often repetitive to the point of utter boredom. Such is the nature of a REkiN, who is always considered to be expendable.

It is often the case that a REkiN will be abused or treated like a rag doll by his superiors and often his equals as well. Nontheless, a REkiN strives to maintain his subservient role and will be hesitant to oppose his master(s). He is indeed a “yes-man”. In modern day slang, this connotation of a REkiN may be well summed up with the phrase “a complete bitch”. In this way, a REkiN makes himself seem to be a bit less expendable.

Man, I don’t want to do this job. It’s so beneath me. Get me a REkiN to man this operation.

You little puppet, why don’t you grow a spine and stand up to your boss for once. Don’t be such a REkiN.

The only reason why you’re able to keep your job, you incompetant idiot, is because you’re such a REkiN.

Bend over bitch, and I’ll make you my REkiN!

REkiN: define #7
One lacking in common sense and/or basic intellectual capacity. Moron, idiot, fool, dummy, imbecile, retarded person. Commonly used to refer to a person of low intelligence, but also one who offers little value to society and who is perceived as a loser or failure. More precisely, a good-for-nothing idiot or an unproductive bum with a pathetic existence. Slang term which has become part of modern internet forum vernacular, particularly on South Asian message boards. Derogatory term.

Hey REKiN, you’ve contributed nothing to this community other than serving as an idle bum of a loser with no life, no women, and no reason for waking up in the morning.

Get a life! You’re just another REKiN! LOL!

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