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– A retard who is rejected from society.
“You are such a RE JARD..go home” said Billy

“No!” yelled Sped Stevey

“You FUCK, you dirty little fuck, imma kill u, oh u fuckin rejard i will rip your balls off and make u eat them !” yelled Billy

“Yeah I am sure you will, WANKSTA” said Sped Stevey

(Stevey now gets his head kicked in until he dies, because he was a REJARD..and no one cared about him, not even the police or hospital.”
Rejard: define #2
The combination of actions of both a reject and a retard simultaneously.
Only a rejard would think of diving into a pool with no water!

C. Bunks likes Hawaiian pizza??!! He must be a rejard!!

Rejard: define #3
This is a retard and reject all together so you can call people those two words in one simple one
“mike is a rejard”

or “OI!! your a rejard”
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