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nickname for tennis player Rafael Nadal, world #2 and Wimbledon champion from Spain.
Did you see Rafa beat Federer today?

I <3 Rafa.

Rafa is amazing on both clay and grass.

Rafa: define #2
Someone who is very mysterious, quiet but on the inside she’s a wild beast. She has trust issues but is trustable. Give her love and she will love you.
oh my gash Rafa is such a biatch. No, she’s just sad.
Rafa: define #3
Short for Rafael, a Spanish name.
Rafa, don’t be so cabron, man.
Rafa: define #4
Gareth Ward, once a shadow who reaked havoc on corporations and basically everything on a network, and now a fully legit network security specialist
Hey RaFa, got fatter sinse you joined the enemy, ey?
Rafa: define #5
Handle used by a prolific netcard spoofer/ web defacer.

Nobody knows his exact whereabouts, the media place him in Brazil yet the tech-elite suspect he may be in the UK.

Many suspect RaFa to have worked with Spetsnaz.

That was so RAAAAAAAAH!
Rafa: define #6
Short for Rafael (Classic painter from Spain)

or San Rafael Valley, AZ (US location)
a. Hey…look at that painting seems a Rafa !

2. Lives at Rafa (San Rafael Valley, AZ)
Rafa: define #7
Where is he? Who is he? Nobody knows, sources say he’s been incarcerated for some sort of suicide attempt, I think that’s just a conspiracy though. All in all, he’s the king of the net. We salute you, Master Ward.
trust comes gradually! ~ rafa (2001)
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