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an awesome girl who can be the sweetest person you will ever meet! But if you ever cross her, she can easily be the meanest person you have ever meet…that’s because she is such a passionate person. Unselfish and always doing for others, can be controlling (look below). Has a natural beauty about her. (also under Raelynn)Is strong willed, has individuality, unconventional ideas. Combines harmony, dependability, and firm opinions. Is emotionally generous, and inspired to give mature counseling. Appears to be ageless, noble, and understanding. Charitable, artisically/culturally polished, impressive, able to see the big picture, and eager gor a wide range of interests/relationships. Is a passionate humanitarian, lover and doer. (Dodge, Ellin. You are your first name. 1985, First Fireside Edition.)
Raelinh has the ability to incorporate helpful service, responsibility, and protective instincts into career.
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