Radiohead Elitist

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Radiohead Elitist
A: Radiohead are alright, Theres a handfull of songs I like but as a whole, they are IMO VERY overrated.

B: Thats okay, it took me a while to get into Radiohead, I didnt start liking them until I had fully matured, their pretty experimental, I wouldnt expect someone like you who listens to a lot of main stream and bands following in their footsteps to “Get” them

A: Oh god! a Radiohead Elitist…. Ive heard of them but Ive never seen one for myself before.

B: Just because you cant UNDERSTAND THEM! go listen to your RadioheadLite Coldplay and your shitty Beatles! Matt Bellamy and all those tossers are shit compared to Thom Yorke….Thom Yorke is A GOD!

A: You are such a smug little pompous prick!

I listen to ALL kind of music, because Im open minded unlike you.

I dont refuse to worship Radiohead because Im not mature enough to handle them, or because my little “mainsteam” mind cant take it

I just dont think theyre all that great, and your attitude is only going to make me like them even less…. so fuck off!

B: D:<

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