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A small but growing (ew) beach community on the RI shore. Everyday small cottages are being replaced with gaudy mansions that shit on views, and generally ruin the entire place. With them comes a hoard of “new money” folks who prance the beaches in their lily bathing suits, talking about their plans to attend the “Quonnie Social” that evening.
Even though they suck, Quonnie is still an amazing place if you appreciate it for what it really is; the most amazing place on earth.
We swim all day, drink all night, regularly get fucked by the Charlestown police. We are masters of sneaking out, going for Quonnie walks, stealing our parents vodka, and generally being amazing. For everyone who can say that summer in quonnie, your fucking lucky. To everyone? Sucksss for you!!!
“You gonna be in Quonnie this summer?”-person A

“Of course i will! Will you?”-person B

“No I go to Weekapaug…”-Person A

(Person B gasps and runs in the opposite direction)

“That guy looks fucked up!”-person C

“He got a bat to the face during sloshball…”-person D

“AWESOMEeeee!”-person C

“You’ll never guess who I saw at Dave’s coffee this morning…”-person 1

“Who?”-person 2


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