Quit queefing on my dick!

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Quit queefing on my dick!
“Quit queefing on my dick” or “quit queefing on my balls” is a phrase originally created by Adrian Quiroz in the winter of 2009.The phrase is used when someone is annoying and criticzing someone or being on someones case and that person has had enough.
Sally: Have you washed your car yet?

Have you taken out the trash?

Have you mowed the lawn yet?

When are you going to take me out?

You never take me anywhere anymore..

Bob: Dammit Sally “Quit queefing on my dick!”

Stacy: Did you put your blinker on?

Your driving too fast, now your driving too slow

Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop!!!

You didn’t look back while switching lanes!

Your going to get us killed!

You know what just let me drive!

Dave: Shut The Fuck Up!!! Quit fuckin queefing on my fuckin dick!!!

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