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An ambiguous term of many meanings. Can be negative, positive or sexual in nature
“I brought a chick back last night and she totally quayled everywhere”

“It’s gonna get pretty quayley tonight…”

“guy looks a complete quayle”

Quayle: define #2
Usually are red in the face. They occasionally caress their pointy nipples and have antennas that pop out when they they have an sneeze. Also, they are highly skilled at basketball. They also like shaving half of their legs. They have abnormal hair and don’t hit puberty until 75 years of age. Their nipples occasionally get hard when excited. They occasionally likes getting graped in the mouth. Their mating call is “Come here kids.” Voice is very deep like black man.
Me: The Quayle is coming for you.

2nd Person: ohhhhh no. No J’ess.

Quayle: define #3
means absolutely everything and anything can be used in any context. best used in a sexual, positive, negative or aggressive way.

can mean cool, awesome and ugly, snakey, smelly and other negative words at the same time

the meaning of word depends on how you portray it, if you wanna use it in a positive way you have to use your voice to make it sound positive same with using it in an aggressive, negative or sexual way you have to portray it in them ways otherwise it will mean nothing.

“that shit Quayle.”

“hey gyal you looking bare Quayle”

“shake that Quayle girl”

“OMG i just Quayled everywhere”

“its getting Quayley in here”

“stop Quayling yo”

“wifey loves it when i Quayle all over here”

“just saw my ex at the club, it was bare Quayle so glad she was leaving though”

“bomboclat im a Quayle you up right now”

“those moves are soo Quayle” – positive

“those moves are soo Quayle” – negative

Quayle: define #4
New York slang for someone who always complains, displays the symptoms of ADHD and generally nobody likes.
Do you know where James is?

No, I’m avoiding that Quayle.

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