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1.(noun)an arcade game from the 1980s, in which the hero, Q*bert changes blocks color by jumping on them, while avoiding ridiculous enemies including a slinky like snake, and random blobs of mysterious goo. If hit by his enemies Q*bert expresses an incomprehensible barrage of profanity. The game is kablastafuck -ing amazing, and no one in the entire world can seem to understand why.
2.(adjective) Ridiculously ridiculous
3.(noun) An incomprehensible swear word (see zebra bastard zebra zebra zebra zebra fucker

80s kid 1:What the [email protected]#% is Q*bert?

80s kid 2: i dont know but its fun!!!

80s kid 1: holy crap, did that orange round guy just swear?

ex 2.

That was so F-ing Q*bert i think i crapped my self laughing

ex 3.

Kid 1: I can believe someone defined (zebra bastard zebra zebra zebra zebra fucker)

Kid 2: i cant believe it was said in buffy the vampire slayer…

Kid 1: What the Q*bert was that episode about that they could get away with that one…

Kid 2:i just dont know… i just dont know…


Q*bert: define #2
A orange, furry, ovoid creature who bounces on floating cubes to change their colors. A small variety of monsters, led by Coily the snake, attempts to stop this by bouncing into Q*bert. If they do so, Q*bert swears violently.
Q*bert: define #3
1. a cute little ball thats orange who jumps on cubes to change their colors; an 80s arcade game

2. A stupid fool who is ignorant
Oh, you’re playing Q*bert again?

Brandon was such a Q*bert, he thought we was perfect when he is not.
Q*bert: define #4
An arcade game from 1982, one of the more anoying arcade games that came out during that time. The basic gist is you control the little orange alien Q*bert around the M. C. Escher style levels. Q*bert must jump on ever square while avoiding a varity of colored blobs. The controls are clunky at best, and at times they will leave you yelling out in frustraiton. All in all the game is highly addictive, but it’s not worth the hassle of breaking somthing in a fit of rage.
Guy 1: Hey what happen to all your money?

Guy2 : I blew it all on that damn arcade game

Guy 1: Which one?

Guy 2: Q*bert. the colors man, the colors.

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