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Pymble Ladies Collegecollege
A prestigious school located in the upper north shore Sydney. Annual fees exceed $20,000 and it is also a sister school to Knox Grammar. Many other jealous, inferior schools such as Abbotsleigh, Ravenswood and Brigidine would say that Pymble Ladies are sluts. This is false. Occasionally, a slut will pass through, but there are quickly disposed of. There is also argument that they are dumb, as they are not selective. This is also false, as the school came top in four different subjects in the HSC, including Business Studies. 60% of PLC students also obtain a score of 90% or above in their ATAR. There is also talk of the girls being bitches. Like any school, their are mean girls and nice girls, and for some obscure reason other, not so smart, schools base their opinions on these small number of mean girls. PLC is a top school, and very well regarded, being one of the top 5 boarding schools in the world. IN THE WORLD. Many of the parents also drive expensive BMW’s, AUDI or Jaguars. Most of the students are also incredibly pretty and lovely, however the Year eights and sevens are highly despised by other grades for their arrogance and vanity. We understand if you loathe them.
Year 8 from Pymble Ladies College: I am so pretty and smart and everyone loves me.

Year 9 from Pymble Ladies College: No, shithead, they don’t.

Dont worry, we knock them into shape.

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