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1) quite simply: pussy
2) in spanish it means point
1) i’m lonely. i need some punto.

2) dos puntos para tu. (2 points for you)
punto: define #2
A cunt.
He’s such a punto!

What a punto!

Everything was going well until that punto showed up.

punto: define #3
1. a utility infielder

2. fast
1. Nick Punto is the best baseball player in the game.

2. Nick Punto can steal a base before the ball crosses the plate.
punto: define #4
Your homie, your boy!
Hey Punto, get over her & do a keg stand with the rest of us!
punto: define #5
Someone who is obsessed with the cock dresses like a cock for halloween and smells like one,in other words they are a cock.
Greg D. vagina changed his name to Gred D. Cockmaster, what a Punto.
punto: define #6
the express train on the Broad Street Line.
yo lets catch the punto, itll get us to the cit faster.
punto: define #7
the act of eating out someones ass.
tonite im going to have a punto party.
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