Pulling a Stefan

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Pulling a Stefan
When you go out to eat with a bunch of people and eat the food, but insist on only paying for a portion of your food.
Person: “Guys, the bill is 90 dollars, let’s split it equally.”

Person Pulling a Stefan: “Yea, I’m only going to pay for my drink.”

Pulling a Stefan: define #2
Pulling a Stefan
Pulling a Stefan means to go AFK for a long duration without telling anyone. You can use it in practically any situation.
1. Declan: “Where the hell were you?! A squad of 4 just flanked me at the rendezvous point.”

Stefan: “I had to go.”

Declan: “Oh, so you pulled a Stefan.”

2. Declan: “Where the faggot were you Josh?”

Josh: “I was pulling a Stefan.”

Declan: “That doesn’t really answer my question…”

3. Teacher: “And where were you Yesterday? You missed your English exam.”

Jimmy: “I pulled a Stefan.”

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