Pulling a Jayson

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Pulling a Jayson
When a person arbitrarily describes item/places as stuff, things, and/or stuff-and-things simply because he/she expects you to understand his/her vagueness.Or, when a person delibrately describes events with words like stuff, things, and/or stuff-and-things because he/she is too lazy and/or disinterested in fully narrating or recounting a situation.A person pulling a Jayson will often often end his/her sentences with “…and things like that.”
Person X: What did you do on vacation?

Pulling a Jayson: Nothing, just some stuff and things like that.

Pulling a Jayson: define #2
Pulling a Jayson
1. Being a Pussy 2. Trying to be over professional in unprofessional situations.. also see douche bag
Man he sure is pulling a Jayson right now.
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