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A variant of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as applied to the aversive anxiety-related experiences, behaviors, and physiological responses that

develop after exposure to a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) .

-“I am never gettin’ freaky again with a woman I don’t know after catching the drip”

“Dude, I think you have PTSTD. Just wear a love glove for now on.”-

PTSTD: define #2
A sexually transmitted disease acquired during intercourse taking place after a traumatic event
Let me tell you son, when you’ve lived through war sometimes it’s the scars you can’t see that’s hurt the most. I’m still suffering from PTSTD after a late night liaison in Saigon after our base came under fire. It itches like hell.
PTSTD: define #3
When you have flashbacks of getting STD’s.
Steve- Bro what the fucks going on.

John- Sorry I’m getting PTSTD’s.

PTSTD: define #4
Post Traumatic Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sharon is suffering from a severe PTSTD after that horrific night with Jack.
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