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A documentary that uses false information or preys upon the viewers emotions to make an absurd argument. Pseudocumentaries are typically propaganda films, often found on the internet, using scary music and vivid images to purport their views. In short, pseudocumentaries are bullshit.
“Listen man, you have to watch ‘Loose Change.’ It’ll change your whole world!”

“Um, dude, that’s a pseudocumentary at best.”

“So, I just saw Michael Moore’s latest pseudocumentary. That thing was just loaded with fear music.”

pseudocumentary: define #2
Any documentary that;

. Uses logical leaps to connect unrelated events that create an over-arching narrative that, in turn, supports a nebulous conclusion.

Uses panning overhead shots of American suburbia.

Uses vintage footage of UNIVAC computers, prozac capsules, Air Force personnel firing missiles, a smiling blonde woman, the Bikini Atoll tests, Gadaff, Reagan, Saddam Hussein and Tony Blair.

Uses Beethoven’s 7th or Philip Glass’ Pruit Igoe to usher a sense of techno-fear and existential foreboding.

Tries to incorporate computers, Utopia, Prozac, Psychiatry, Market-driven political policy, suicide bombers and Tony Blair into some overrarching ‘scheme’

Appeals to left-leaning, chin-stroking hipsters pseuds fond of using the Courtier’s Reply – ‘ you just don’t get it’.

Taxi Driver: There’s that documentary about how computers caused the financial crash, and it might have some Beethoven and Prozac in it. Maybe Tony Blair grinning like the Satanic bastard we all know he is, ha!

Bus Driver; Oh yeah, and somehow get poor man’s Nietzsche Ayn Rand shoehorned in, along with Gadaffi, Brexit and the Smurfs in for good measure. No thanks fella, i have better stuff to watch than a pseudocumentary. He-Man is on Netflix
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