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A fancy word for having common sense/being careful. Someone who thinks things through.
The boy, who commited suicide, lacked prudence.
Prudence: define #2
to have common sense; thinking before you do something really stupid.
Mark knew it wasn’t a good idea to get drunk but he didn’t have any prudence so he got wasted and got his arch-enemy, Karen (who was also drunk) into bed, and because god hates him he also got her pregnant.
Prudence: define #3
The most kick-ass island in Rhode Island. Everybody knows everybody on it and everyone is very friendly. If you live there year-round are are most likely an alcohol. All the teenagers there love to party, and it is known for just relaxing, chillin, during the day and getting as drunk as possible while have the best time of ur life at night.
Person 1: When are you going to prudence next?

person 2: umm, next weekend, how about you?

person 1: same as you. You ready to party?

person 2: yeah i can’t wait, its gunna be fucking insane
Prudence: define #4
Prudence: noun: an old man with a fat hairy gut that must hide his ugly identity from the world and must use a computer to socialize.
“your so ugly and lame and nerdy, just like Prudence”
Prudence: define #5
1)what you may call a lass who seems to be slightly on the prude side

2)an unfortunate child with this exact name
‘yo im gonna do the corkscrew with prudence tomorrow’ – person #1

‘yo, shit really? prudence…isn’t she a bit..pruuude’
Prudence: define #6
Aka Nicole Smith.

The name given to a person who shys away from any content of a sexual nature.

Prudence did not want the conversation to be of a sexual nature.
Prudence: define #7
<i>noun</i> – A Prue is someone who is far too selfish and disregards the feelings of others. She should learn to be more mature and take note that others also have feelings. Often refers to others as gay or homosexual. A common symptom of being a Pruedence is the size of ones feet. The smaller the foot, the bigger the Pruedence.
“Fuck, that chick is the biggest Prudence!”

“Fuck that chick just called me gay. What a Prudence!”

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