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A fully functioning portable penile prosthetic made from pliable silicone with an outer movable foreskin. An erection rod can be inserted inside the prosthetic for a thicker and longer shaft. It provides a touch sensation to your body with natural vibration and movement. Using the adhesive tab on the prosthetic, you can attach it securely to your private area allowing your natural phallus to enter the back opening to create a bond between the wearer and the prosthetic. A blending method and a special tab designed scrotal attachment system allows the lips to become part of the scrotum. The prosthetic looks real and feels like a real penis. The Prostheticock is available in fifteen different shades and can be worn up to three days. The foolproof detachable prosthetic is ideal for autistic people from the lower end of the spectrum. It can also used to self-stimulate also known as stimming.The Prostheticock is ideal for for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, micro penis, cis gendered men and bisexuals. With deep penetration, the pleasure bump on the back of the prosthetic also provides clitoral stimulation allowing lesbians to simultaneously reach their ultimate Big O.
Abdi: ‘I ordered my Prostheticock five months ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I can’t keep walking around looking like I have a clit and no dick’

Lesbian with hairy armpits: ‘Who needs dildos when you have a Prostheticock’

Lesbian friend with hairy pussy: ‘You should have ordered another one so I can stick it up your ass’

Lesbian with hairy armpits: ‘Dammmm, It didn’t cross my mind, where’s your mastercard?’

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