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Hypocrisy on four wheels, and the car that ended the golden age of Japanese cars. Hippies, hipsters, and less-intelligent liberals buy them under the impression they’re saving the environment.
In reality, they have enough nickel and cadmium under their back seat to poison half of Canada.
A Prius is most often seen doing 40 in the carpool lane with an obese neckbeard at the wheel, a 24-pack of PBR in the truck, and an anti-Bush sticker on the trunk lid.
Prius: define #2
The car for pussies and ass- holes alike
Guy 1: i see you just got a prius

Prius driver: thanks!

Guy 1: here have this,* middle finger*
Prius: define #3
Most liberal car ever. Dealer installable optional ani-Bush sticker
Lets drive to the forest to hug trees in the prius
Prius: define #4
Also known as the Douchebuggy, the Prius is the Batmobile for douches, dumbasses, and bad drivers.

Every person behind the wheel of a Prius/Douchebuggy is either

A) A douche

B) A bad driver

C) An idiot with no common sense

D) All of the above

Many Prius drivers think they are better than everyone else for driving one, however, they are like a giant “I Am A Douche” sign one drives everywhere.

If you ever think of buying a Prius, you are either not thinking or want to find another way to be a douche.

Person A: Did you see that asshole on his Bluetooth headset being rude to everyone at Starbucks leaving his car parked in 2 spaces like a total dick? Why would someone do that?

Person B: Well, did you see he was driving a Prius?

Person A: Oh… Well that explains everything.
Prius: define #5
An overpriced hybrid automobile that is targeted to poorly educated consumers that think such cars save money and the environment. The car, as well as its fellow hybrid and electric cars, has been made to save the government’s severe dependency on oil in which they have caused. At the same time, lying and falsely advertising the car(s) to be environment friendly – (because these huge batteries they use release very environment friendly fumes, especially when they are made and when they go bad) – and that they save you money on fuel – (electricity and $5000 battery replacements are free). Hence, a lie to humanity to save the government.
Johnny – Why are you driving a Prius?

Bob – I’m saving money on gas

*Bob’s battery dies… Replaces battery for $5000+installation*

*Johnny laughs at Bob because he only needs to spend $60 a month on fuel, which would take almost 7 years to catch up to the Prius’s expenses, regardless of all the maintenance trash*

*Johnny spends his extra money on a stage 2 turbocharger*
Prius: define #6
The absolute faggiest car ever made. It doesn’t even deserve to be called a car. It’s more of a huge mound of shit that only retarded liberals and old turds with destroyed brains use to get somewhere.
That’s a shitty Prius. Oh wait! All priuses are shit and shit heads drive them.
Prius: define #7
A car owned by homosexuals, often referred to as a “vagina”
Dude, that douche drives a prius I mean, vagina. What a homo.
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