prison punk

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prison punk
A prison punk is usually a small nonviolent male inmate that is bullied into becoming a bigger and stronger man’s property. Once the prison punk is forced into submission by the cell bully, he will serve the bully on command. It is not uncommon for the prison punk to be the bully’s slave in every possible way. The punk is often forced to clean his bully’s toilet and the bully’s entire cell. The prison punk will also be forced to pay the cell bully protection money and do all the bully’s laundry if he doesn’t want the bully to beat him up. The cell bully will often write his punk’s girlfriend outside of prison telling her everything the bully his forcing the punk to do on a regular basis.
1. You better clean my cell punk.

2. I want this laundry done by noon today, prison punk.

3. Give me your girlfriend’s name punk, I think I’ll write to her and tell her everything I force my prison punk to do.
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