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(pronounced pre-poop) the gas that slips out your buttcrack when you have an upset stomach, signaling that you need to take the browns to the super bowl.
bro, what did you eat for lunch? your prepoop is gonna make me puke.
prepoop: define #2
This happens right before pushing out a huge tank
Carlos “Hey this morning I took a huge tank but before that I kept shooting mini missiles.

Zack ” Dude you took a pre-poop”

prepoop: define #3
pre poops
pre poops is an uber cool/smart way to describe your food. It is called pre poops because its going to become a poop. (some part of it anyway)

Also used as a deterant when someone asks you what you are eating, and you dont really care enough to tell them.

Pissed off bitch: ew, what are you eating, that looks nasty.

Friend: looks good what is it?

You:(as your eating) pre poops.

Pissed off bitch: what?

Friend: LOL
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