Prep Scene Kid

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Prep Scene Kid
Follows both scene and prep crowd. Wears popped collars but also has dyed hair and lip rings or pirate rings. (upper ear.)Hangs with both crowds and listens to My Chemical Romance and The Used. Wears the clog shoes or uge boots and those liitle ballot shoes.
The Prep Scene kid usually has bright green polos with the collar popped. Black or dark brown long hair covering just the eyes. Lip rings eybrow or upper ear with a loop earing. Hangs with the scene crowd but also has all the prep girls/boys.
Prep Scene Kid: define #2
Prep scene kid
Some really annoying preppy kids who think that the scene culture is cool, so they try and create their own style. A typical outfit for them would be: PacSun v-neck, Hollister short-shorts, stereotypical scene hair, even though real scene kids don’t have that hairstyle, something Hello Kitty, something Twilight, and some colorful flats or Converse.

Some examples are the sitemodel Elsie Enchanted and Taylor Parks.
Prep scene kid: Hii! Ehmyygawdd! Did you get that fabulous top at Hot Topic? It’s UBER cuteeee! I lovelovelove Hot Topic! Their clothes go fantastically with my torn up booty shorts from Abercrombie!

Real scene kid: Stop being a poser. No scene kids actually talk like that. And I got this tee at a thrift shop.

Prep scene kid: Eeeeeeeeeeew! Thrift shops?! You mean someone wore the clothes before?! GROSS! I only wear clothes that was never used, but looks like it is!

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