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This is a common abbreviation for Pre-Vatican II. The reference is to the beliefs, worship and practices of Catholics before the Second Vatican Council, so-called, which was held between 1962-1965.This also refers to those Catholics, who, coming to the conclusion that since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, there has been no true Roman pontiff, but instead a succession of false popes, practice Catholicism—(i.e. reading the Sunday missal; the Rosary; observing the 1958 and before fast and abstinence laws of the Church; and, in fact, the whole gamut of the true Catholic faith as alway held) in their homes without using traditionalist priests and bishops who say the Latin Mass, but without jurisdiction. Also, they never attend your garden variety “Catholic Church”.Pre-V2 types believe that there is one, true Church, and that they are members of it….and that everyone else should be as well.
That Aaron guy takes his religion pretty seriously.

Yeah, he’s one of those Pre-Vatican II Catholics. He doesn’t eat meat on Fridays and is always talking about how Catholicism is the one true Church….but not the one since Vatican II, after they changed the Mass and all.

Oh, he’s a Pre-V2 Catholic? That figures. No wonder he’s so serious about his faith.

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