prarie doggin

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prarie doggin
A situation in which when one has to take a dump, and the poop is so close that it is acutally peaking its head in and out of your hole.
Dude, where is the bathroom, I am totally prarie doggin it.
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prarie doggin
where one has to take a fatty dump and has part of turd sticking out of their ass, but is somewhere a toilet is unaccessable….they are forced to suck it back in…like a prarie dog goes in and out of its hole.
dude, i gotta take a shit but their arent any toilets around here, looks like i’ll just have to prarie dog it.
prarie doggin: define #3
prarie doggin
When you got a log lodged up your butt.You have been holding it for so long, the end peice of the dookie begins to poke her little head right outta your two cheeks. Called prarie doggin because it resembles a lil prarie dog pokin its head out of its hole lookin for predators. When you begin to prarie dog, you should get to a toilet fast. Id say you have 10 minutes at tops.
Dude we need to stop to hit the bathroom

Can’t you wait till we get home?

No way im prarie doggin
prarie doggin: define #4
prarie doggin’
The urgent need to pass a bowel movement.
Sorry dude, I gotta go, I’ve got a steamer prarie doggin’ on me.

I don’t know why she left in such a hurry, maybe she’s got prarie dogs.

prarie doggin: define #5
Prarie Doggin
When you have a turtle head that slips in and out
Damn!! i’m prarie doggin
prarie doggin: define #6
Prarie doggin’
When a a piece of bowel movement entering and exiting your anus. In urban language that means a shit is poking its head in and out of your asshole. This happens when you really have to go to the bathroom.
Dude, I started prarie doggin’ I gotta go to the bathroom so bad!
prarie doggin: define #7
Prarie doggin
When you have to take a shit and wait til the last minute and can’t hold it anymore and it starts coming out before you sit on the toilet
It was close call thought I wasn’t going to make it to the bathroom I was Prarie Doggin.
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