Power Bitch

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Power Bitch
Derived from old Norwegian. The woman of the house, gate-keeper, key-holder.
Now often used with women working in influential jobs in advertisement and film.
They are still looked upon as half-gods and are considered as great girl friend material. Also they make good friends.
Hey check out that sexy and influential Power Bitch.

I´d love to get financially supported by her !
Power Bitch: define #2
Adj. A person who is beyond the description of “bitch.” The kind of person that would knock you down, take your lollipop, and do your boyfriend, all within 10 minutes, and without feeling remotely bad about it.
Person 1: (PB) Oh, I’m sorry, were you carrying on with your pointless, pathetic life here while I walked down the street not caring? Why don’t you give me your lollipop to make it all better?

Person 2: …

Person 1: *to the boyfriend* My, aren’t you a cute one…

Person 2: She is SUCH a powerbitch.
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