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When a person is desirable enough to be put into a pornographic film.
Damn! That hot piece of jailbait is pornable!
Pornable: define #2
A woman hot enough to be in a PORNO!
Damn, that bitch is so PORNABLE!
Pornable: define #3
The combination of the words porn and portable. Definition: the ability to carry your porn with you.
You say “Hey, with this new Pornable USB drive I can carry my porn with me, whenever and wherever I may need it.” Friend says, “Dude, can I borrow it”. You say “Get your own, tard!”
Pornable: define #4
when somebody of the opposite sex is extreeeeeeeeeeeemly attractive and you wish to logisticate (please refer logisticate) and fornicate
that stripper sitting on that guys face is pornable
Pornable: define #5
For one to be horny.
I haven’t gotten laid in so long, i’m very pornable.
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