pork n’ beans

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pork n’ beans
one of the many areas in northwest miami you want to stay away from; a nickname for an area in the liberty city hood in miami, it got it’s name because back in the day the doors of all of it’s houses were painted an orange color resembling the color of pork and beans, other houses in the area had green and blue doors
person 1: yo did ya hear bout’ da nigga dat got capped in tha pork n’ beans, let’s go check it out

person 2: na mang I aint going anywhere in northwest miami

pork n’ beans: define #2
Bruises or marks left from rough sex/making out
Mandy what are all those bruises? Does your boyfriend beat you?!

Oh, no they’re just pork-n-beans.

pork n’ beans: define #3
Pork ‘n Beans
When a man rims a womans asshole until she shits lumpy diarrhea on his toungue
What did you do last night man?

I gave Jenna the pork ‘n beans.

Thats nasty.

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