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a stuck-up or snobby person, usually a girl or gay guy.
Alice: Did you see Chandra and her new Gucci purse?

Alex: How could I not? She kept on shoving it in my face. Damn, that bitch is so poosty!

poosty: define #2
A mixture of PEE-YOO and NASTY. A very versatile word that describes anything bad, disgusting or foul.
From behind a bedroom door: Debbie: “Oooh David. Eat my pussy!” David: “sniff sniff {gag} whiff Fuck no bitch, you’re POOSTY!! Shmelly ho!!!”…….Alan stop farting, you POOSTY fucktard!!…….I can’t eat this POOSTY fruitcake!!…….That band sucked last night they were so damned POOSTY!
poosty: define #3
Someone who is being cranky or moody, like a girl on her period.
Emily is being so Poosty today.
poosty: define #4
A cross between, a Pussy and a Shit head.

A word inwhich you would call one of your friends.
“what do you mean you can’t come anymore? God Katherine you’re such a Poosty..”
poosty: define #5
adj.: nasty, gross, old, dirty, moldy, musty.
In the way that a bucket of dirty water left sitting around in the basement for a year is nasty.
poosty: define #6
Gentleman of homosexual orientation.
Hi Jason, like my pink slacks?

Dammit Frank, you look like a poosty.
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