Pocket LSD

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Pocket LSD
Much like pocket sand, pocket LSD is a pocket based self defense system.While pocket sand relies on you throwing the small particles of sand into an attackers eyes, pocket LSD can be thrown at any exposed skin, as LSD is active when applied to skin.Given that LSD has an extremely low active dose (50+ nanograms), any visible amount will be several hundred to several hundred thousand doses.This means that your attacker will go from trying to steal your iPhone to losing his ego/control of his bowels in seconds
Chill dude: I was on the metro the other day and some guy pulled a knife on me.

Sweet bro: Damn, that’s fucked up. What happened?

Chill dude: Oh, it wasn’t a big deal, I had my pocket lsd. I dosed him, then convinced him I was god and rode him to work.
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You have a pocket full of LSD crystals that you can use to defend yourself from attackers. Much like pocket sand, when somebody attacks you, you reach into your pocket and flick LSD into your attacker’s face causing them to instantly trip out.
Fred: I got attacked by a homeless man today

George: How’d you survive?

Fred: I flicked some pocket lsd at him and he started hugging me instead.
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