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tweak pipe
fuck this shit, lets go hit the pizzo
pizzo: define #2
Small glass pipe used to smoke (technically, feebase) methamphetamine.
Yo, load up the pizzo already!
pizzo: define #3
Protection payment. From the Sicilian pizzu (‘beak’). To ‘let someone wet their beak’ is to pay protection money to them.
Pizzo, il douche!!!…
pizzo: define #4
An extremely handsome, intellectual, and sexy man.
Hey, You! You are a pizzo
pizzo: define #5
Pizzo=Non cut pizza

Pizza=cut pizza

When pizza is not cut its a circle and when pizza is cut it looks like a “A” like a slice

Person1: Hey wanna eat some pizza today

Person2: Yeah sure I’ll order

Person1: Ok

Person2: It will be $32.15 and it come in about 20 minuets

Person1: Alright

Delivery Guy: (knocks)


Delivery Guy: This is for Tenson K

Person1: Yes thats me

Delivery Guy: Ok that will be $32.15

Person1: Alright here you go

Delivery Guy: Ok thank you, have a good day

Person1: Have a good day too sir

Person1:(goes back in the house) Hey lets eat

Person2: Yeah

Person1: (Opens the pizza and looks at it) shit its a Pizzo

Person2: Nooooooo

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