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An Hispanic, especially a Mexican.
Look at that greasy pingo in front of the taco stand.

I wish those pingos would stay in Mexico instead of greasing up this town.

Pingos are evidence that monkeys fuck pigs.

Pingo: define #2
slang for dick in spanish, therefore can be used as a nickname for someone named ricardo
Dude: (to Ricardo) “Hey Pingo whats up?”
Pingo: define #3
another word for Penis
(kid 1) “Man, all these girls hate me”

(kid 2) “Then show them your pingo, man!”
Pingo: define #4
Has no real meaning, used as an insult if you ned something random to say. usually to end an argument
Caleb: your a fucking cuntmouthed pussy

Greg: well, your a pingo

Caleb: haha, what the fuck?

Pingo: define #5
The key word of Jackie Guidice. It means *people in neon green octopuss* usally used in randomness. it came from the land pingoria.

pingo pongo.

jackie: I found a dime!

Jessa: pingo!!!!

Jackie: Wuh?
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