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a totally amazing guy with dark eyes and trys to act tough.
very friendly
loved by so many, and hated by so few.
everyone totally loves pillman
pillman: define #2
pill man
Its a sure bet you’ll definitely spot a “pill man” at a dubstep show, rave, or any electronica event. Sometimes you can also spot him in the club. Usually a sketchy looking guy who stands by the wall, with an expressionless look on his face (his jaw maybe rocking a little), and does not look like he belongs there. He’ll usually creep up to you and say phrases like:

Looking for some smackers?

Yo, I got thizz

Need slaps?

Often likes to prey upon ptots and any stupid young girls for that matter.
Jon: Who’s that sketchy ass lookin’ dude over there creepin’ on those girls?

Tiff: Oh, that’s the pill man, his thizz is tha bomb!

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