piece of piss

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piece of piss
(adj) Easy, not difficult. (Mainly British)
Beating this game is a piece of piss.
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piece of piss
Easy task, something that is not hard.
Guy 1: I can play the sweet child O mine solo

Guy 2: Really!!! :O

Guy 1: Yeah, piece of piss
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piece of piss
A task that is considered easy. Generally this term is used in Australia.
Davo: Do you think you can finish those six beers before they close the pub?

Johnno: A piece of piss, mate. No worries.

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Piece of piss
A job or task which should require little or no physical exertion in order to complete.

(Mainly used by the trades when assuring the apprentice that the job is easy (it often isn’t.))
Just bang that up there then your done, it’s a piece of piss mate.
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piece of piss
something that you don’t like, something that sucks, isn’t fun & etc.
I hate this car, it’s such a “piece of piss.”
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