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Pibbling is exuberant canine silliness, as perfected by pit bull type dogs. It includes playing with friends and toys, hopping around, doing zoomies, making “art,” rolling around, giving hugs, chewing, rearranging stuff, shopping and of course snuggling.
I can’t leave yet, Theodore is still pibbling around the house with my slipper in his mouth.
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PIBBLINGS: Is a compound noun that combines the words “Parental” and “Sibblings” as in the sibblings of ones parents. It provides a means of collectively referring to Aunts and Uncles.
I am going to my Aunt’s wedding. All my Grandparents, PIBBLINGS, nibblings and Cousins will be there!
pibbling: define #3
The act of pushing ones balls into an arsehole
Ah mate, I pibbled that girl hard last night

No way! You must have been pibbling her hard, I heard her shouting out for the creamy dick gapener

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