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noun, verb, adjective
1. Indefinable word that can be used in place of any other word, generally referred to in one of the two following forms…
2. A high powered rainbow speckled blotter acid, or
3. Any potency of marijuana or the act of smoking said marijuana
4. Or in front of the word pant
1. noun. Hey man, would you hand me that peupty over there?

2. noun. I just took three hits of peupty, and they were mighty tasty.

3. noun. Pack up another g-nob of that peupty. noun/verb I’m all out of peupty, would you mind peuptying me out later?

4. Adj. Peupty pants
peupty: define #2
a higher form of silly…one notch above silly
you are a peupty peupty peupty pants
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