Petroleum Engineer

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Petroleum Engineer
The top dog of engineers. The big dick bandit. Is a master of science and math, specializes in drilling, reservoir and completion of oil wells. Girls get wet at the site of a Petro Engineer. A good Petro Engg doesn’t need a lab to determine the composition of a crude oil, he merely smells the sample and gives raw data without breaking a mental sweat. The Petro Engg is often the highest paid engineering major and as a result has many nice material objects. Having a degree doesn’t give you instant access to becoming a Petroleum Engineer, some other requirements need to be met first such as having a diesel pickup and chewing tabacoo
Did you see that guy slaying dragons by that oil well? Yeh, I think he is a Petroleum Engineer you can tell by the diesler he is driving and the massive dip in his mouth.
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