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Practice Clan WarZ(Used by Euros Only)
This is when 2 clans or Teams play each other not sexually, i meant

game(s) such as CS for practice purpose

5 v 5 | de_cpl_fire ( this week map 😛 ) | (Y)ours East Server | CAL-im/m | No PugZ/NoobZ | PM Me

Also See scrim

PCW: define #2
Previously Complied With.

its from the US military. I know the airforce uses it, not positive with other branches.

if someone asks you to do something, thats already done, you reply with PCW….

Did you do the checklist?


PCW: define #3
Acronym for Post Count Whore.

A person who post alot of meaningless or irrevelant thread/post with the aim of increasing his/her post count.

See Forum Whore Post Whore

This is thread is PCW.

(This is a PCW’s thread)
PCW: define #4
Problem Co-Worker, someone that gives you grief at work
I’m sorry! I know how bad it sucks to have a PCW. Maybe they’ll quit soon…
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