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A patarn is one who originated from the boarders of Afghanistan and apart of Pakistan, from the city Peshawar, and speak pushtu- but the people don’t like to be specified as neither afghan or Pakistani; they just call themselves pushtoons! Patarns are beautifully sculpted and blessed people who like to see themselves as lions because of how fierce they are!They are brave beautiful people who take pride in their culture and religion!Patarns are people who you always want to surround yourself around because they keep good company and know how to have a good laugh no matter what.Patarns are the smart, however know when it’s time to use their fists; especially when it comes to their family who they would do absolutely everything for!
When one person goes against a pushtoon/patarn every patarn is involved, they come like a pack of wolves and have each others backs regardless. Patarns take pride and joy in eachother and always keep their reputation clean and sleek- known as just strong, ambitious and courageous people.
Guy: Who is that wurki? She’s so beautiful, smart and modest!

Guy 2: Don’t even take a second look bro! She’s patarn; if her dad and or brothers even see you breathe in her direction you’re a dead man!

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