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An extremly rich community located in south florida, and is known for its horrible police, and overly new-yorkian population, which

basically means its filled with a bunch of arrogant arses

Hey there Kevin, would you enjoy another street named after you, or would you prefer another car for your 11th birthday?
Parkland: define #2
Numerous brick walls containing many individuals capable of correctly spelling the word “conceited” along with an educated staff knowledgeable of which indefinite articles to use before words starting with vowels.
I go to Parkland and am satisfied with the education that I received here.
Parkland: define #3
The worst damn city in America, but not if you’re a rich snob and had your own Bentley at the age of 11
Parklander 1: Hey want to go to the park

Parklander 2: Sure wanna take my Bentley
Parkland: define #4
Numerous brick walls containing many conceeded individuals along with a uneducated and overall asinine staff.
pointless waste of time
Parkland: define #5
a tiny town of nothing, next to penndel and rt 1 in bucks county. no one really knows this town exists except the people that live in it. the usual hang outs are the shitty bowling alley in penndel or the even shitty ritas water ice across the street. the houses are so tiny you can touch the neighbors. no curbs but random fire house, deli and childrens school in the middle of the nascar loving beer smoking classy folk town. features a very popular park called poplar park which is not a safe place to smoke weed at night, the cops will find you and kill you.
where is that slutty chick from again?

Parkland: define #6
a fucking gay ass city wher evey bitch fuk white boy sware he hard shit all dem jews think they black when they rich as fuck fuck parkland, rich ass pussies they be scared as shit if u drop em in a real ghetto EX: Melrose Park, Hammondvile, Overtown, Pembroke Park, Manors Park, Deepside, Potter Park
954 shuld disown parkland nd giv it to 561 cuz parkland gay shit
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