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Papalangi is a word used to describe people of non-islander heritage.Mostly used in a derogatory way, to identify people or behaviour that is not in line with, or shows no awareness for island culture.Can also be used as a blanket term for any bad or pretentious behaviour exhibited by Caucasian people not in line with Island values
Friend #1 : “Who wouldn’t have a pig on a spit for their party?”

Friend #2 : “I don’t know? Papalangi?”

Friend #1: “How many people are at your Grandmother’s for lunch?”

Friend #2 : “Just the fam. Maybe 30 ”

Friend #1 : “30 people?!?!?”

Friend #2: *thinks in head – Papalangi*

“You should have seen the way Britney spoke to her Mum, real Papalangi” – in reference to being disrespectful

“Don’t throw that out you Papalangi” – in reference to being wasteful

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