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(PAHm – TREE – shUH)Any African woman who resides locally in a land with palm trees or in any place

in which a lot of tourists go to and/or consider a place of luxurious lifestyle (1st or 3rd world) *particularly of jungle and beach. Exotic you may say if you live someplace else..

(The characters/people shown here did not actually say these things. Their name usage in these examples are purely for the purpose of a depiction of the use of the word and not to recall an actual event which happened nor will happen in any representation of themselves therein, unless otherwise coincidentally.)

A$AP Jiggle: There are a million fine ladies around here. I love Jamaica. It’s like Palmtreeshas Galore.

Big Sean: Pffffff. Look at these American Palmtreeshas. They say they from Miami, walking around sippin they margaritas like they better than these local Palmtreeshas. I only feel for these 3rd world Palmtreeshas here who be stayin, workin they asses off for these 1st world tourist Palmtreeshas to barely survive. These American Palmtreeshas be cocky and self-centered as fuck – -they only here for vacation and they ain’t paying zip to Red Cross when Jamaica or Haiti havin a natural disaster. Shiiiiet.

A$AP Jiggle: Yeah.. Well they still got a hella booty. Ooooey! I needa Palmtreesha to get down with at home, make some coconut smoothie. Namean mayn? Forreal.

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