B & E

  • “breaking and entering”

That gangsta got caught for doing a B & E and now he is going to gangsta college.2.

  • Bacon and eggs, according to Dane Cook. A common breakfast meal.

I’m always game for B & E. That’s delicious in my belly.3.

  • Breaking and entering.

Dude, I totally just did a B & E!

Did you take anything?

No, I just busted the guy’s door down and he started freaking out, wondering what I took!

B & Bj

Bed & Blowjob. A seedy hotel. The kind of place that may even rent rooms by the hour. A place you take a chick to solely for sex.

She’s totally hot! I took her to that B & BJ over on 42nd and MAN in about two minutes her nostrils were flaring spasmodically in my pubic hair!

B & B

An abbreviation for Beer and Bongs. Describes the combined act of drinking alchoholic beer and smoking marijuana bongs (or bingers). Used in a similar manner to R and R. See also B and B.

Let’s have a B & B session after work.

Anybody up for some B & B tonight?