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1) A small cut of a cigarette used in poppers.2) The tobacco cut used to hold the weed up when

hitting a popper.

1) Yo guy do you have a p-fag I want to hit mad pops when I get home.

2) Ah, is that a Belmont? Dumo’s are the only butt I need for popper hitting.

P-Fag: define #2
A girl who is Pretty From A Glance….get it? basically wears a lot of makeup and dresses well to hide her ugly.
Jim: Dude, check out that chick!

John: Where? I don’t see her?

Jim: There, across the street!!

John: Oh yeah she’s hot….

(girl walks towards them, passes them)

Jim: Oh, wait, never mind, she was just a PFAG.

John: Yeah, total PFAG.
P-Fag: define #3
p fagdrugs
rip of a cigarette which you put in a popper piece when you smoke poppers
yo man pass the p fag
P-Fag: define #4
alternate spelling of of “fag.”
Shut up, pfag.
P-Fag: define #5
Abbreviation and implication as to the lifestyle of one Pavan Hari. This is the same Pavan Hari who lives in “I-town” and rightly invented the phrase “cum dumpster.” This is also the same fool who wrongfully took credit for the invention of the term “weaksauce.”
Hey guys, how’s it going? Guess who I saw the other day wearing a dress? Yeah.. that’s right… P-fag.
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