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Nooboid, also referred to as “n00b01d” is an extremely offensive term used to somebody who plays video games in a diabolical way.
The term “nooboid” is originated from the words “noob” and “retoid” which comes from the word “retard” said in a Scottish accent.
A “nooboid” is the lowest of the low, it is ranked way below “noob”, if you were to be a “nooboid” it would be impossible for your skills to become any lower.
It is believed people who are said to be nooboid’s don’t even know how to use a standard keyboard and mouse, some can’t even type, this way most nooboid’s in the world are still undoscovered as of today.
New-player: Wat butan is fire?1

Professional-gamer: noob…

Professional-gamer2: noob? he’s a total nooboid ffs.
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