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The “world’s cutest kitten”, who tends to annoy Garfield on a regular basis. Because of this, Nermal gets shipped in a box to Abu Dhabi quite often.
Nermal likes to flaunt her cuteness.
nermal: define #2
udderly cute yet very annoying
Cheerleaders are nermal
nermal: define #3
A term for an annoying, naive and/or otherwise doltish person. Coined from Garfield the Cat’s annoying younger cousin.
Quit bugging me you nermal!!
nermal: define #4
Someone who puts the lemon on before the sugar on a pancake.
– Surely it doesn’t matter which one you put on first? It all gets mixed together anyway, right?

– I pity you. The plight of the nermal is a tragic one.
nermal: define #5
A talking kitten in Garfield known for his snotty personality.
Why is Nermal in The Garfield Show? He’s my least favorite character from the strip!

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nermal: define #6
A cute, usually shaved pussy.
Fuck da titty’s, lemme see your nermal.
nermal: define #7
To be not normal. To be just that little bit werid.
Dude, that was crazy! Your not normal, your nermal
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