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Narc-artists are amateur and self-proclaimed artists who show
symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in exercising
their craft.
For example, narc-artists might not submit their works to the
critics in order to avoid negative feedback, they might not be
able to stand rejections or even satire on they works and might
attempt to drive the behaviors of their audience to try to get
the reactions they wish to receive.
Narc-artists are notoriously totally careless about the impact
that publishing their works have on others and they don’t
hesitate to publish what anyone else would rather keep private
if they think they have produced a masterpiece.
More often than not, narc-artists get legal troubles for privacy
breaches or libel/slandering for publishing works which violate
the laws and self-sabotage themselves in divorce proceedings.
However, instead of giving up felonious works, the narc-artists
might forward them to fellow narc-artists who will eventually
publish them on their behalf or they might tell their stories to
unaware and gullible flying-monkeys artists who will publish new
works based on their versions of events (normally tales in which
they are innocent victims of irrational monsters).
Luckily, narc-artists, as well as their flying monkeys artists who befriend them are little talented, therefore their works wont be popular, nor disseminated.
You are not an artist, you are a bloody narc-artist!
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