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Naiomi is extremely intelligent, stubborn and hard headed yet also very compassionate. She deeply cares about other people and has a heart for those who are suffering and in pain. However, despite her caring heart you do not want to mess with her. Her wrath is reserved for those who are manipulative and hateful.
Naiomi has a passion for social justice
Naiomi: define #2
The best caring person every she sometimes tends to act like a baby and is reckless
Naiomi get off the table.ok.2 seconds later is on the table
Naiomi: define #3
Naiomi, is one of them girls who all men want. She is really intelligent, sexy and funny. Once you meet her you won’t forget it unless you get in her way, then you don’t want to mess with her. Naiomi has many friends and is extremely popular, she is the girl your parents want to meet. She hosts amazing party’s, don’t miss one. When you first meet her she is shy, when you know her she just won’t shut up! (Good thing). Naiomi is not in the slightest way sensitive and she isn’t one to be played. Her sence in men is extremely amazing, she makes good decisions.
Stranger: I wonder what her Instagram is..

Mutual Friend: It’s… She’s Free ;), it’s @Naiomi..
Naiomi: define #4
Munaya wants to be called naiomi so call it her.!!!!
Naiomi sounds better
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