MySpace Pathetics

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MySpace Pathetics
Typically the most useless of people in this world. Don’t get me wrong, MySpace is the epidemic of all kinds. But due to the fact that it takes over peoples lives is rediculous.
Take example: The MySpace Ho.
-Usually a two-faced-counter-slut who has a thing for talking to random 25 year olds that only want to bang them. Saying things such as “OMG Hottness Alert.” When all and all its just a 40 year old guy masterbating to they’re default picture. Usually these girls will have about 12,000 friends and only have about 30 comments. Always posting bullitans saying “OMFG New Picture, Comment now or ill kill you.”
-The MySpace Pimp.
– Quite frankly, I dont even believe that there is such thing. I think that they are all just lonely men wishing that they would have actually got layed on prom night. They take pictures of models off of “Google Image” and put them as they’re default picture, with only about a millimeter of space before you start seeing pubes.
Of course, even if they are telling who they really are, all of they’re pictures are with them and they’re shirts off just hoping that some random 15 year old “MySpace Ho” will come by and leave a comment, “OMFG, HOTNESS ALERT.” Than they meet them in person at some random spot at the mall, they hit it off, and the next week he has an infestation of the pants.
MySpace Pathetics.

MySpace Ho-

*Posts new default picture with only 1 article of clothing on*

“OMG, this is such a bad pic” —So why are you putting it on there slut.

MySpace Pimp-

*Finds 15 year old MySpace HO, leaves a picture comment*

“Damn gurl, dem’ lips be lookin good, but theyd’ be betta if they was on ma dick….haha j/p”—-No you werent you friggin illiterate bastard.

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